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The Alchemist Book PDF

Book Details

Book TitleThe Alchemist PDF
AuthorPaulo Coelho
GenresSelf Help, Fiction, Novel
Publication Date1993
Total Page158 Pages

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Brief Summary

The Alchemist PDF
The Alchemist Book

Let’s discuss the story of The Alchemist pdf by Paulo Coelho. The Alchemist book PDF is written by Paulo Coelho, This book is translated into many languages and is also an international bestseller book. This is an allegorical novel, the novel shows the journey of a shepherd to the Egyptian Pyramid.

The main character of this novel is a young shepherd named Santiago who lived in Andalusia, Spain.

He believes in a recurring dream that he has seen many times, then he asks an astrologer from a nearby town the meaning of his dream.

The astrologer woman describes the dream as an augury telling the boy that he will discover a treasure at the Egyptian pyramids.

In his Early mission, he meets an old king named Melchizedek and the king of Salem,
who tells him to sell his sheep to travel to Egypt.

When he comes to Africa, a man who is taking Santiago to the pyramids robs all the money which he earned from selling his sheep.

Then Santiago decides to work for a crystal merchant so that he has enough money to complete his journey to the Egyptian pyramids.

He leaves for his mission to earn money. On the way, he meets an Englishman who has come in search of an alchemist and continues his journey with his new companion. When they reach an oasis, Santiago meets and falls in love with an Arabic girl named Fatima, then proposes marriage to Fatima.

Fatima promises to get married after completing her journey.

Santiago then meets a wise alchemist who also teaches him to understand his true mind. With him, they risk a journey through the region of the warring tribes, where the boy is forced to show his unity with “the soul of the world” by changing himself into a simoom before he is permitted to continue.

Santiago is robbed again when he begins digging near the pyramid, then accidentally reveals to him by the leader of the thieves that the treasure he was looking for was in the church he had dreamed of.


The theme of The Alchemist PDF is about finding your destiny, The Alchemist book PDF is more than literature, it is a self-help book.


The greatest piece of advice Santiago gives is that “when you really want something to happen”, the whole universe will combine so that your wish becomes true.

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The author of The Alchemist PDF Book is Paulo Coelho, he was born on 24 August 1954 in Brazil Rio de Janeiro. A film has also been made about him called The Pilgrim, in this film the young and older Coelho role was played by two different actors. The Alchemist PDF book was written by Coelho in only 2 weeks in the year 1987, he explained how he wrote this book in only two weeks he says this book was “already written in her soul”.

HarperCollins decided to publish the book of Coelho in the year 1994 then it became an international bestseller book.

In the year 2009, he was interviewed by the Syrian Forward Magazine, Coelho said that the Sufi tradition had a great influence on him, especially when he was writing The Alchemist and The Zahir.

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The alchemist book pdf
The Alchemist Book

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