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Becoming Bulletproof PDF

Book Details

TitleBecoming Bulletproof: Life Lessons from a Secret Service
AuthorEvy Poumpouras
GenresSelf Help
PublisherIcon Books
Total Page337 Pages
Last Update24 Dec 2023

About Book

Becoming Bulletproof Book PDF
Becoming Bulletproof Book

Becoming Bulletproof PDF is a self-help book that helps you to be more productive and get more things done. It is specifically written for busy professionals to help them prepare for stressful situations in their lives. 

The United States Secret Service Special Agent Evy Poumpouras shares insights and skills from one of the oldest elite security forces in the world. Some would go to a dietician, some would subscribe to a gym membership while some would just exercise in the comfort of their homes. 

The options are endless and everyone is at a different stage of their life. The dietician might tell you to follow a certain diet and the gym owner would encourage you to visit their gym. The person who is exercising at home would tell you not to follow a certain diet to avoid losing your hard-earned muscle mass. Everyone will tell in their own way but what is the right way?

The reason to read the “Becoming Bulletproof PDF” book by Evy Poumpouras is because of the vast amount of understanding of author has. This book aims to change people’s lives and here the author’s knowledge will help people do just that. It is must read for those who want to develop a powerful version of themselves.

About Author

Evy Poumpouras Author Free
Evy Poumpouras (Author)

Evy Poumpouras is the author of Becoming Bulletproof book PDF, she is a national TV contributor who frequently appears on NBC, and MSNBC, and is also a former Special Agent of the United States Secret Service.

She received the United States Secret Service Medal of Valor Award for her heroism on September 11th, 2001. She is currently an adjunct professor at the City University of New York’s John Jay College of Criminal Justice where she teaches criminal justice and criminology courses.

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