Emotional Intelligence Book PDF By Daniel Goleman

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Emotional Intelligence Book PDF

Book Details

Book TitleEmotional Intelligence
AuthorDaniel Goleman
GenresPsychology, Self-Help
PublisherBantam Books
Total Page386 Pages

About Book

Emotional Intelligence Book PDF By Daniel Goleman

Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence Book PDF helps anyone to identify, manage and understand their own emotions and also how they affect the emotions of other people. Emotional intelligence also includes some skills such as emotional awareness, social skills and empathy.

Goleman divides emotional intelligence into five main components which are: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. These 5 components are very important so that anyone can manage their emotions and interact with people in a better way. He gives evidence that people with high emotional intelligence have better relationships, mental health and job performance, so emotional intelligence is also important in personal and professional success.

The author gives practical advice on how individuals can improve their emotional intelligence and also gives strategies such as mindfulness practice, seeking feedback, practice, development and continuous learning.

Emotional intelligence is extremely essential in everyone’s life and that’s why we must read “Emotional Intelligence PDF by Daniel Goleman”.

Emotional Intelligence Book PDF Download

Emotional Intelligence PDF

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