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In this post, we discuss all Ravinder Singh books list and novels, All books written by Ravinder Singh were always on a bestseller list and more popular among young readers. He is a software engineer in Infosys Technologies India and the author of nine novels.

He started writing a book after his girlfriend died in the year 2007, writing helped him cope with the tragedy in his life.

His first novel- I Too Had a Love Story was his own story adapted into a book. This book was reviewed by the Chairman of Infosys Technologies N R Narayana Murthy, who called it “Touching, Simple and Honest.

Ravinder’s first book was published in 2008. This novel remained on the bestseller list in India even after six years of its 1st publication.

Ravinder Singh Books List

Quick View List of Books Written by Ravinder Singh

No.Book CoverBook NameAmazon Link
1.I Too Had a Love StoryI Too Had a Love StoryCheck Offers Here
2.Can love happen twice?Can love happen twice?Check Offers Here
3.Love Stories That Touched My HeartLove Stories That Touched My HeartCheck Offers Here
4.Like it Happened YesterdayLike it Happened YesterdayCheck Offers Here
5.Your Dreams Are Mine Now Your Dreams Are Mine Now Check Offers Here
6.Tell me a StoryTell me a StoryCheck Offers Here
7.This Love That Feels Right This Love That Feels Right Check Offers Here
8.Will You Still Love Me Will You Still Love Me Check Offers Here
9.The Belated Bachelor PartyThe Belated Bachelor PartyCheck Offers Here
10.You Are All I NeedYou Are All I NeedCheck Offers Here
11.Write Me A Love StoryWrite Me A Love StoryCheck Offers Here
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In the below section, we are briefly describing the Ravinder Singh Books List.

1. I Too Had a Love Story

I Too Had a Love Story
I Too Had a Love Story

“I Too Had a Love Story” was published in 2007, This book was published in 2008 by Shrishti Publishers and republished in 2012 by Penguin India and is also the first book of Ravinder Singh. 

This novel remained a bestseller even after 6 years of printing, This novel was based on real-life incidents that passed with Ravinder Singh.

This story is about two people Ravin and Khushi who are looking to get married. They both sign up on a matrimonial site and luckily they meet and fall in love. 

They finally decide to get married, so Ravin goes to Delhi to meet Khushi and they both are very happy. Both families are happy with their relationship, but destiny has other plans, something we can never change. A day before engagement something happened that changed their life totally. 

Narayan Murthy reviewed the book as a Sweet, Simple, and honest tale of modern love.

2. Can Love Happen Twice

Can love happen twice?
Can love happen twice?

Did Ravin’s story really end on the last page of the book “I Too Had a Love Story”? No, so you can also say this is the second part of that book.

“Can Love Happen Twice” was published in 2011, This is the 2nd number on Ravinder Singh Novels List. In this book, author Ravinder narrates his story where he portrays the long-lost charm and magic of commitment and love,

But after experiencing the horrifying loss of a loved one, is it possible to love someone again deeply and intensely?

 A story that explores pain, sadness, and worldly feelings so intensely that there’s one for all book lovers.

3. Love Stories That Touched My Heart

Love Stories That Touched My Heart
Love Stories That Touched My Heart

“Love Stories That Touch My Heart” The 1st edition of this book was published in 2012. The book is a collection of stories that were selected from over 2000 entries, this entry was submitted in a competition organized by Penguin India, and then selected and updated by the author Ravinder Singh.

This anthology is composed of heart-touching stories that will make you feel that love is the purest feeling in this world.

4. Like it Happened Yesterday

Like it Happened Yesterday
Like it Happened Yesterday

“Like it Happened Yesterday” was published in 2013, By the way of a fictional story, the author recaptures school stories, examinations, vacations, and other mores that are part of anyone’s childhood spent in smaller cities of the country.

This is a period of your life in which you always want to go back and live that life once again. 

This story also travels back to a time when life was simple and gadgets or devices did not rule much of all your daily actions.

The book is about the little joys of life which have become rare now. The author makes the readers see the world through the eyes of a kid, which makes the entire journey inspiring, exciting and nostalgic.

5. Your Dreams Are Mine Now

Your Dreams Are Mine Now
Your Dreams Are Mine Now

“Your Dreams Are Mine Now” This novel is in the 5th number on Ravinder Singh Novels list and was published in 2014, This is the story of Arjun and Rupali who are totally opposites to each other but it will be interesting to see how sometimes opposites attract opposites.

A scandal in college brings them together, then they follow the same path and on the same path, they fall in love.

But their battle against evil comes at a heavy cost, which becomes the ultimate examination of their lives. This is an innocent love tale that is bound to evoke strong emotions in your soul.

6. Tell me a Story

Tell me a Story
Tell me a Story

“Tell Me a Story” was published in 2015, This novel is in the 6th number on Ravinder Singh books list. The novel is a collection of heartwarming tales about events that have changed the lives of the author in ways that they cannot forget.

Happy or sad, exciting or surprising, these are stories of moments that have left an unforgettable mark on their lives.

This is another such anthology, after the very successful novel Love Stories That Touched My Heart.

7. This Love That Feels Right 

This Love That Feels Right
This Love That Feels Right

“This Love That Feels Right” This novel is the 7th number on the list and was published in 2016. The book revolves around a woman named ‘Naina’ who’s married and unhappy, Naina’s husband ‘Siddharth’ is always busy building his business. So, she enrols in a gym to look good and falls in love with her trainer there.

This is another unique love tale novel by author Ravinder Singh, this is an intense love story that will shake all beliefs you have ever had.

8. Will You Still Love Me?

Will You Still Love Me?
Will You Still Love Me?

“Will You Still Love Me?” was published in 2018, The book revolves around Lavanya and Rajveer who found the love of their life on the flight. Lavanya is from the hills of Shillong while Rajveer a Punjabi boy belongs to the Patiala.

This story truly shows us a lot along with a charming love story of a couple who is distinct from each other and fights against all the odds to give the ultimate test of love.

9. The Belated Bachelor Party

The Belated Bachelor Party
The Belated Bachelor Party

“The Belated Bachelor Party” This novel is in the 9th number on Ravinder Singh books list and was published in 2019, A wonderful book based on friendship, It’s been 12 years since Happy, MP, Ramji, and Ravin graduated but they realize that neither of them had a bachelor party before their marriage. 

They then plan a trip to Europe as a belated party which will end well and become the trip of their lifetime.

10. You Are All I Need

You Are All I Need
You Are All I Need

“You Are All I Need” was published in 2020, This book is also on the Ravinder Singh Books List because this book is a collection of 27 heart-touching love tales picked by Ravinder Singh to bring to the readers the myriad facets of love. These stories will make you smile, cry, think and feel, all at the same time.

11. Write Me A Love Story

Write Me a Love Story
Write Me a Love Story

This is the latest novel in Ravinder Singh’s Books List “Write Me a Love Story” which was published in 2021. This latest romance novel is about a famous writer Abhimanyu and his editor Asmita.

The novel is set in Mumbai and revolves around Abhimanyu, and it is quite interesting to see how their enmity turns into lovers.

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