The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster PDF Book [PDF]

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The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster PDF Book

Book Details

TitleThe Entrepreneur Roller Coaster
AuthorDarren Hardy
GenresSelf-Help, Business
PublisherRearden Press
Publisher Date4 June 2019
Total Page411 Pages
Last Update24 Dec 2023

About Book

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster Book PDF
The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster PDF

The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster PDF book is a collection of stories and experiences from a range of Australian entrepreneurs. It’s not just stories though, because they are all offered with practical use in mind. For example, If you feel that everything is going wrong and you are badly stuck then you can take out this book and read a story that shows that you are not alone. It’s almost a collection of books in one, with each entrepreneur providing a piece of great advice.

Entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs, so much so that it is often referred to as a roller coaster. It peaks with highs (accomplishing a long-sought-after goal like launching a product or selling a company) and then plunges with lows (getting rejected by investors or having a year of no sales).

Entrepreneurs face extreme highs and extreme lows throughout the lifetime of their businesses. They have to adapt to stress and anxiety and make decisions that have huge impacts. This book is about the roller coaster ride of entrepreneurs and how they can learn to get the most out of it.

About Author

Darren Hardy
Darren Hardy (Author)

Darren Hardy is the author of The Compound Effect and an entrepreneur who has started multiple businesses, He is also the author of The Entrepreneur Roller Coaster book and has been interviewed on many top podcasts.

If you have not heard of Darren Hardy, he is one of the top entrepreneurs and investors in the world. He is the co-founder of Success magazine, the host of the hit TV show Shark Tank, and he has been called the most powerful CEO advisor in the world.

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