20 Sudha Murthy Books You Will Really Love [Best Books]

Are you searching for the best Sudha Murthy books, then you are at the correct place. We made a list of the best 20 books for you.

Murthy is a Fiction author in English and Kannada, she was also a top speaker ranked on top of trending speakers of Feb 2021.

She publishes several books mainly through the penguin group. Murthy’s Infosys foundation was founded in 1996 which is a charitable public trust and Murthy was one of the trustees. This foundation built 2,300 houses in flood-affected areas.

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Sudha Murty

List of Best Sudha Murthy Books

1. How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

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How I Taught My Grandmother To Read

How I Taught My GrandMother To Read, This book is on real-life incidents from the life of Sudha Murty-teacher, social worker, and bestselling writer.

This Book of Murty is Funny, spirited, and inspiring, each of these stories teaches a valuable lesson about the importance of doing what you believe is right and having the courage to realize your dreams.

This is a story-based book and stories are not interconnected, this is also a good and valuable book for children. Over 2 lakh copies are already sold.

2. Wise & Otherwise

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Wise & Otherwise

Wise & Otherwise this book by Sudha Murthy First published in 2002, 

Wise and Otherwise has sold more than 30,000 copies in English and has been translated into all the major Indian languages. This revised new edition of the book is sure to charm many more readers.

Fifty vignettes showcase the myriad shades of human nature of a man who dumps his aged father in an old-age home after declaring him to be a homeless stranger,

Eye-opening stories about people from all over the country that Sudha Murty recounts in this book, which is heart-touching.

3. The Mother I Never Knew

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The Mother I Never Knew

The Mother I Never Knew is an emotional book, this book is worth reading for you. The first story is about Venkatesh and the other is about Mukesh.

The book comprises two novels that explore two quests by two different men—both for mothers they never knew they had. That means two different stories in one single book.

This is a dramatic book that reaches deep into the human heart to reveal what we really feel about those closest to us.

4. The Serpent’s Revenge

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The Serpent’s Revenge

The Serpent’s Revenge book is one of the best books by Murthy’s, this is not only a good bedtime storybook but also increases the knowledge about Indian mythology in your Kids.

The book starts with a conversation between Krishna and Arjuna in the Kurukshetra.

The Last page of this book shows the family tree of The Lunar Dynasty so that we understand how the characters are related to each other.

Ramayana and Mahabharata have endless sagas through this book we learn many simple morals that we can apply to change our daily lives.

This book was written in simple language and also has many animated pictures that look amazing and make the book awesome.

5. The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury

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The Sudha Murty Children’s Treasury book is a 3-in-1 book combo, a Short-Story Collection for Children Including the Most-Loved Grandma’s Bag of Stories. 

1. How I Taught My Grandmother to Read and Other Stories

2. Grandma’s Bag of Stories

3. The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories

This book of Sudha Murthy’s books is in a dazzling hardback edition, a compilation of the immensely adored short stories of India’s favourite storyteller. This is a Perfect Gift Edition for children.

6. Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

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Grandma’s Bag Of Stories

Grandma’s Bag Of Stories is a Collection of 20+ Illustrated short stories, traditional Indian folk tales books for all ages for children by Sudha Murty books.  

This book promotes moral values in the form of delightful stories, In this book, Grandma tell their stories to their grandchildren 

More than 20 short stories, ideal for children of ages 5 and up Include popular stories: ‘The Princess’ New Clothes’, ‘Roopa’s Great Escape’ and ‘The Unending Story’, Every story is explained by colourful illustrations.

More than 2lakh copies are already sold.

7. Three Thousand Stitches

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Three Thousand Stitches

Three Thousand Stitches in this book Sudha Murthy talked about the initial days of the Infosys Foundation. She talks about the meaningful impact of her work in the Devadasi community. 

She did a lot of things for the Devadasi children’s educational facility and gave him a better platform to earn their living and feed their children well.

Then there comes an occasion where these women give Sudha Murthy a beautiful saree which was hand made by them it had three thousand stitches by three thousand devadasis, so from there the book titled Three Thousand Stitches.

This is a very amazing and simple book to read and the great thing about this book is Not a Fictional book.

8. Dollar Bahu

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Dollar Bahu

Dollar Bahu is the story that every woman can relate to its, this is the story of the Gauramma, her Dollar Bahu Jamuna, and her other bahu Vinuta.

Does money corrupt the way family members look at one another?

This book shows how Gauramma loved her US dollar Bahu(daughter-in-law) Jamuna more than the Indian Bahu(daughter-in-law) Vinuta and how she would regret it in the last and she has also understood that dollars cannot buy her love and respect in India.

This book is a Fictional book but the story is the simple and realistic effect of how value for money than relations affects a family and how it can have repercussions on relationships.

9. Here, There and Everywhere

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Here, There and Everywhere

Here, There and Everywhere was written in a very simple and easy language making it easier for the readers who have recently started to read.

The book consists of many short stories coming straight from the heart and memory of the author Sudha Murthy and scribbled upon the paper.
These stories are inspired by the author’s personal life and brought joy while reading.

This book is a celebration of her literary journey and is her 200th title across genres and languages. Bringing together her best-loved stories from various collections alongside some new ones and a thoughtful introduction.

10. House Of Cards

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House Of Cards

House Of Cards this book is relatable to all the women who come from small villages, a story about how money can change people not only in their personal lives but also in life after marriage.

This story mainly has two characters one is a strong female character Mridula who is from a Karnataka village and the other is Sanjay. She gets married to doctor Sanjay and settles in Bangalore.

Sanjay quits his government job and starts an immensely successful private practice. Mridula has no idea that Sanjay has sold his soul.

When the truth hits her, she has no recourse but to walk out on him, but can she really find a space of her own? The more Mridula sees the world, the more she realizes how selfish people can be.

This novel explores human relationships in telling detail and holds up a mirror to our society.

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11. The Bird With Golden Wings

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The Bird With Golden Wings

The Bird With Golden Wings This book by Sudha Murthy has a collection of stories that bubble over with fun.

The Delightful colour illustrations bring to life tales of magical creatures, princesses and kings, ordinary witty men and women in a book that will bring hours of joy to readers young and old.

This book contains 21 stories and is best for 8+ kids, every story has a unique moral which is best for kids.

The book is written in simple language so anyone who reads the book stories can easily understand.

12. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven

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Something Happened on the Way to Heaven 

Something Happened on the Way to Heaven is a collection of 20 such memorable and Inspiring true-life stories. Picked by Sudha Murthy from a contest run by Penguin.

This book has stories from 20 different authors which is Non-Fiction.

Stories are beautifully written and expressed in this book. This book of Murty has various heart-touching stories which are Non-fictional stories and good for every reader who believes in the goodness of the human heart.

13. The Old Man And His God

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The Old Man and His God

The Old Man and His God is a collection of snapshots of the varied facets of human nature and a mirror to the souls of the people of India.

It is a non-fictional book by Sudha Murthy that describes the real-life experiences that she had faced in her life.

The book has 25 stories which are simple and also a good book for beginner readers.

The best quote of this book is “There is something within us that attracts us to the truth”

14. The Magic Of The Lost Temple

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The Magic Of Lost Temple

In The Magic Of Lost Temple, there’s a small girl whose name is Anushka but everyone calls him Nooni.

She was very excited to meet her grandparents in the village of Karnataka where her dad grew up. This is the story of how she spent their summer vacation at her grandparent’s home by listening to stories and doing great things, you can also drown in this story.

Join the Nooni on an adventure of a lifetime in this much-awaited book by Sudha Murty that is heart-warming, charming, and absolutely unputdownable.

This Book is good for children aged 8 to 12 to improve vocabulary skills and reading habits.

15. The Daughter from a Wishing Tree

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The Daughter from a Wishing Tree

The women in Indian mythology might be fewer in number, but there are stories of strength and mystery in the pages of ancient texts.

They slew demons and protected their devotees fiercely. From Parvati to Ashokasundari and from Bhamati to Mandodari.

This collection of fearless women who frequently led wars on behalf of the gods was the backbone of their families and makers of their own destinies.

In this Book India’s much-loved and bestselling author, Sudha Murty takes you on an empowering journey.

16. The Man From The Egg

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The Man From The Egg

The Man From The Egg This book has tales of the three most powerful gods from the ancient world.

Each story of the book will take you back to a magical time when people could teleport, animals could fly and reincarnation was simply a fact of life.

This Book is also on the top list of Award-winning author Sudha Murthy’s Books.

17. The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories

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The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories

The Magic Drum and Other Favourite Stories This book Features over 30 stories from India’s most beloved storyteller Sudha Murthy.

Includes popular stories like ‘A Fair Deal’, ‘Nine Questions for a Princess’ and ‘The Wise King’.

This story was of Sudha Murty’s grandparents who told her some of these stories when she was a child, and others she heard from her friends from around the world.

These delightful and timeless folk tales have been favourites of Sudha Murthy for years.

This book will be enjoyed by many more readers, of all ages, over 1lakh copies of this book were already sold.

18. Gently Falls The Bakula

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Gently Falls The Bakula

Gently Falls The Bakula  The book was written nearly three decades ago, the first novel of Sudha Murthy’s books remains startlingly relevant in its modern values and work ethics.

This story has two main characters Shrikant and Shrimati they both get a love marriage and live their life.

Shrikant joins an IT company and starts rapidly climbing the corporate ladder, while Shrimati abandons her academic aspirations and silently fulfils her duties as a corporate leader’s wife.

One day, while talking to an old professor, she starts to examine what she has done with her life and she realizes that her life is empty.

This is the story of a marriage that loses its way of ambition and self-interest.

19. How the Sea Became Salty

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How the Sea Became Salty

How the Sea Became Salty This book is on seawater where a long time ago, seawater was sweet and drinkable and How it became salty.

This is a storybook with illustrations, the book is the ideal introduction for beginners to the world of Sudha Murty.

20. How the Onion Got Its Layers

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How the Onion Got Its Layers

How the Onion Got Its Layers

Have you ever noticed how the onion has so many layers?
Have you seen your mother’s eyes water when she cuts an onion?
Here is a remarkable story to tell you why.

This is the best book for kids, simply written with illustrations

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